The Ms2Bu Prank System

The Ms2Bu Prank SystemThe MS2BU Prank System

The Ms2Bu Prank System consists of a battery of domain names that we point (or forward) to various targets. (Also called domain aliases) We chose Jeb Bush as our first engagement because of how he let down the American people. It was tough to watch.

Jeb was better than Romney because by ending it now, he won’t waist anyone else,s time.
The Jeb drama finally ends with this NY Times Article:

The Technical System Description is being used as an alias to other websites. Click on this or this to see.
We hate to say our name because of others reactions but we don’t  mean any harm.

Yes We Stress Out about Who to Empathize 

We think it’s an honor to be able to point to deserving mooks. It is a sincere expression of empathy that will make’s tears come to your eyes. MS2BU allows us to bestow a harsh gift of civility on those that don’t deserve it.

Have fun with Must Suck 2 Be You…but please don’t make us say it!

MS2BU | an acronym for “Must suck to be you.” | Ms2Bu is the only name that annoys the person that hears it.

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