Must Suck 2 Be You

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Must Suck 2 Be You Pranks

Must Suck to Be You is the only name that annoys the person that hears it! We’re kinda proud of that!

We redirect our domain names to websites that we empathize with as pranks because:

  • They deserve to have their pants pulled down on the internet.
  • We can do pranks better than
  • We can…

This website, guards the fort and serves as base-camp for all things @MS2BU

A Technical Description

Part 1 Domain Name Forwarding, is the domain name we use as the primary domain name forwarder and prankster.

Note: A domain name can be forwarded, redirected or pointed to another website. A common example is a business will buy a shortcut name to point to their main website. Like points to: Yellow Pages

If you understand you understand

Part 2 Teams up with is also being used as a forwarder to redirect to other websites. is our secondary domain forwarder. Maybe the target doesn’t suck as much or they are a victim of the primary prank.

If you understand we have a second accomplice…
…you understand

With Part 1 and Part 2 combined we have a system for pulling double whammy spoofs.

Note: can only prank one loser at a time and why our Ms2Bu prank system is better. Just saying…

Ms2Bu Prank Assignments [This website] and our Twitter Tweets track where our forwarding domains are pointing:

  • Our Ms2Bu Pranks Page will always show you our assignments.
    • and track who, when and why we pranked someone.
    • or 2 people at once.
    • and who and why one sucks worse. and may move around weekly.  Especially in an election year!

Example Prank with Both Forwarders working together to Prank someone.

Our Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Prank

We prank politicians and ego ridden celebrities….that’s what we do.

Ms2Bu Base-Camp

This website serves as base-camp for all things @MS2BU

Ms2Bu Empathy

We hope that it is taken as an honor to have point to you. It is a sincere expression of empathy that makes tears come to people’s eyes.

Many consider the Ms2Bu badge as one of distinction.

Have fun with Must Suck 2 Be You….but please don’t ask us to say it!

Ms2Bu is the only name that annoys the person that hears it and our system allows us to bestow a gift of reality on mooks that deserve it.

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