MS2BU explains the dirty trickIf you understand the dirty trick you understand that the domain forwards to a derogatory website, inferring that person is a loser. Yawn.

The Ms2Bu System and work together to play jokes on Politicians but our Ms2Bu System is better than’s pitiful effort because we have a team.

Why the Ms2Bu System is better than’s
We have several forwarding domain names to target one mook.
Or, our Ms2Bu System can hit different targets at once.

Calling Out
Read our post where we called out as a One Trick Pony yesterday.

The Ms2Bu Team
Our team works together to carry out Political Campaign Shenanigans and dirty tricks. After all, one person’s success is another’s loss. We step in to provide empathy.

The Ms2Bu Game Plan
We devise a plan, choosing targets and how to spoof them.
Next, we point our domains to the selected targets.
* Then we wait for the DNS System to resolve our forwarding changes.
After the links are live we announce the details on @Ms2BU our Twitter account

Our Ms2BU Schedule
We intend to change our Ms2Bu assignments weekly. [maybe pausing between assignments as needed]

Ms2Bu Assignments
Our list of Current and Past Ms2Bu assignments is here:

Click on these links to see where Ms2Bu is pointing to. and