Ms2Bu Rules of Engagement

must suck to be you MS2BU-200x905Ms2Bu Rules of Engagement

As fervent conservatives we are torn between the old guard GOP Establishment and the energy of the Tea Party. On Twitter we have openly supported Sara Palin, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the Tea Party.

We now have a huge dilemma deciding who to support and who to pan. We have supported the Tea Party from our @Ms2Bu Twitter account with born on date of July of 2009, including numerous Tweets against Obamacare and were totally offended by a Congress and Senate that passed bills without reading them. We tire of the bickering and gutless impotence of our elected officials.

We prefer to not pull a conservatives pants down while they are in the race but have decided that when a politician goes out they are fair game. Hence our spoof on this week on @JebBush #Ms2BU

Political Targets and idiots are fair game. Moms and race are not.  All suggestions will be reviewed on Twitter

We’re making these up as we go but promise more soon…  ‏@MS2BU Since Jul 30, 2009

Have fun with Must Suck 2 Be You…but please don’t make us say it!

MS2BU | an acronym for “Must suck to be us ” | Ms2Bu is the only name that annoys the person that hears it.

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