The Nature of a Must Suck to Be You Prankmust suck to be you MS2BU-200x905

Ms2Bu Pranks are announced on Twitter @Ms2Bu with the #Ms2Bu hashtag.
The pranks and explanations are also listed as we complete them on our Ms2BU Pranks Page.

Pranks last for as long as it takes to get the message across because we are sincere and our empathy will never quit.

The length of time our assignments are pranked can depend on many factors.

  • The severity of the targets misguided behavior.
  • How busy our assignment schedule is.
  • There is only so much empathy to go around…

Please check our Ms2Bu Pranks Page for explanations of our pranks. Each empathy prankwill have a news article to explain why the target for the prank was chosen.

The Nature of a Must Suck to Be You Prank


#Ms2Bu Prank System

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Ms2Bu is the only name that annoys the person that hears it and our system allows us to bestow a gift of reality on mooks that deserve it.

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