Hello, Loser.com is (WAS) a One Trick-Pony

It seems MS2BU outlasted Loser.com as they have folded up their tent. We’ll be added new content and pranks in 2019.

Campaign tricks and shenanigans – @JebBush has gained the empathy of MustSucktoBeYou.com with a challenge to loser.com for top billing as the best domain name forwarder trickster. Ms2Bu has called loser.com out as a “One Trick-Pony” whereas Ms2Bu is a system.

It’s game on with a four prong attack. More Info and announcements at Mustsuck2beyou.com and @Ms2Bu

Ms2Bu Domain Forwarders

More Info and announcements here at Mustsuck2beyou.com

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Loser.com is a One Trick-PonyAbout Ms2Bu

  • Ms2Bu is the only name that annoys the person that hears it.
  • There are 2 domain names associated with MS2BU
    • This website mustsuck2beyou.com guards the fort.
    • MS2BU.com uses Weebly as a temporary home

      • NOTE: MS2BU.com moves around…that’s what we do.
    • We have allies…everyone loves us but no one likes to hear our name.

MS2BU | an acronym for “Must suck to be you.” | Ms2Bu is the only name that annoys the person that hears it.

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Article updated Dec 16, 2018